Stripes on Stripes

This blazer dress is another awesome find from Scarlet. I ordered a size too big, so threw on this belt to try and give me a little bit of a waist, but am happy how it all turned out. I feel like the belt adds another fun element to the outfit, along with the hat. I love accessories, but so often am forgetting them. I'm hoping its a talent that will come with time. 

I love that the newsboy cap trend is still going strong because I can't get enough. Emily was actually the one who encouraged me to keep the hat on with the outfit, I wasn't sure about the different variation of stripes, but like she said, "it's what makes it cool", and I believe her. I think mixing prints, or patterns is a really neat way to do something different, and if you do it right, it can turn out be super chic. (Note: I am still trying to figure out how to do it right.) But, I do know there is right and a wrong way to go about it. Like for one, I always try to stay in the same color family. I think it still lets the outfit flow, and doesn't get too overwhelming. There are definitely exceptions though and I have seen plenty of people pull it off. 

Finally, lets discuss these booties. AH! I have wanted red leather boots for so long. My Stuart Weitzman velvet Clinger boots are some of my favorite I own. I have been eyeing the same exact shoe, just in the brighter red. Shopbop did their annual big sale a few weeks back, and they had them on sale! I almost died. And I got them in white, too 😉 Thats the bad thing about sales... I somehow end up spending more, but justifying it because they were on sale? And I actually got both for the price of what one original pair would be... so I don't feel that bad. 

Don't forget, shop online at Scarlet and get 15% off your entire order if you use my code, MSscarletsquad. Thanks for stopping by!

Photography by Emily Segrest


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