Velvet Booties

There is always one piece in an outfit that completes it. For me, most of the time, that item is shoes. This outfit was no exception. I have had these velvet booties for a few months now and don't know what I did before they entered my closet. They are so unique and beautiful, and the color pops perfectly. I was afraid that I wouldn't have much to wear them with and they would just sit in my closet, while I stared at their beauty everyday, but that was far from the case. I can't STOP wearing them.

I threw together this classic look of the leather skirt and jacquard sweater, but felt that it was just very ordinary. I wanted something to pull the colors from the sweater, and to make it more funky. When I put these boots next to sweater I knew it was a done deal. I also love them with leather pants, jeans, and shorts. They work with anything and since velvet is still trending so hard right now, they are very much in style. I will continue to wear them even when they aren't, thats how much I love them. For the time being though, it's also a major selling point.

Did I mention how comfortable they are? They are one of my most comfortable pairs of heels I own. They slide on so easily and have enough stretch so that whatever fabric you have pulled under them won't show. I love these boots and have no doubt they will be a great addition to anyones closet. XO!

Photography By Emily Segrest


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