Summer’s Calling

Summer is right around the corner and my favorite closet must-have right now is an off the shoulder blouse. It's perfect for the impending heat and shows just the right amount of skin. I found this top in J.Crew when I was an Albuquerque. It comes in so many fun colors but the pink really caught my eye. Neon is always fun and I think we will see a lot of it in the next couple months. The day we shot this was the windiest day of the year thus far, so that's the explanation for my toupee in all of these pictures. The wind was so strong that I could barely move against it. So, for this reason, please excuse the lack of movement in these shots. It truly was impossible and I did my best, haha. 

The main thing I want to talk about is this Ark bag from Cult Gaia. I have been on the waiting list for months for it to come back in stock and I jumped for joy when I got the good news. I know this will be my go-to bag for summer. It's beyond light and and the structure is beautiful. I had no idea that it was in such high demand until I tried to order one for myself. The best selling point for this bag is that it is so well priced and comes in two sizes. The small is priced at $128 and the large at $138. I know that the black version will have to make it's way into my closet sooner rather than later.

I am still on my mini scarf kick and have been dying to try out wrapping it around my wrist. I have decided that this is my favorite way to wear them. It's super cool and unexpected and anything that can double as jewelry is a winner in my book.

Lastly, my shoes are the Allison mule by Vince. When I went to try and link them for you guys to shop, they were sold out everywhere. I really hope Vince decides to bring them back because the wooden heel slays my heart. They are so versatile and I wear them constantly in the summer months. Did I mention how comfortable they are? The strong heel and soft leather gives you the ability to wear them as long as your heart desires.

P.S. Head over to later today to check out a little interview I did for his site. I love what he is doing and was so excited he wanted to feature me. 

Have a wonderful week and thank you all so much for stopping by! XOXO!

Photography By Emily Segrest


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