Color Blocking

I am obsessed with color blocking. My two favorite colors to mix are red and hot pink. They flow so well together and I think it's super elegant. I also am a big fan of coral and blue, like I have done here. Honestly, I am so into this trend, I'd probably love any two colors that are polar opposite next to each other. I feel like it just oozes 60's vibes and instantly makes an outfit unique. 

I have had this skirt for a while but I knew I wanted to wait for these booties to wear it. I have been eyeing these boots for so long it's almost ridiculous, and finally went for it when I saw there was one pair left in my size. James laughed and told me that seems to always be the case. It's the truth though, it really is! Major panic attack. But, rest assure they are safe and sound in my closet now. I know these will be booties that I will worship forever. They are just fantastic and can be worn year round. 

Emily and I have been switching things up recently and going to parks around my house as opposed to going downtown to shoot. It's really convenient to be so close to home and be able to change at my house and not in the back of my car! Yep, thats how it's done. I'm sure we will venture back out into the craziness, but for now, I am really embracing the peace and quiet. P.S. both my skirt and top are from Zara, I've linked similar items below since I am not able to link from Zara.

Happy Hump Day! Xoxoxo

Photography By Emily Segrest


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