A Day in the Life

I am so happy I am finally able to sit down and finish this post. I have always dealt with migraines for as long as I can remember, but this past week was unlike anything I have ever experienced. Starting Tuesday afternoon I felt one coming on and was not able to shake it until Friday morning. I went back to the doctor for the second time and he gave me a prescription for Imitrex and it was a life saver. If you struggle with migraines, I highly, highly recommend having this medicine handy. Writing this post has been so important to me because it's really important to me that I relate or am relatable to my readers. I figured the best way to do this was to share a day in my life. 

My morning starts at 7am, when our little monkey wakes up. We are so lucky to have a baby that sleeps 7-7 and has since she was three months old. It was really difficult getting her to that point, but was so worth it. After James and I are up, we both make breakfast for Stella and I make my coffee and Vans waffles. My go-to meal every morning. I usually go to an 8:30 pilates class, but haven't in the past few weeks. I have been so much more tired lately. I am thinking it has to be allergies. James will leave for work, and Stella and I will play in her playroom, go for a walk, or she will follow me around while I clean up the house. She has just recently dropped down to one nap, but if that nap will happen before or after her lunch is still hard to predict. It is usually around 10:30, though. After I get her down, if I am shooting with Emily that day, I will rush to get ready and pull my looks together. Most of my outfits are thrown together about ten minutes before we shoot. I try and rush out of the house before Stella wakes up from her nap because she has been having a really hard time with seeing me leave. Emily and I usually shoot for about three hours. Once I am back home, we go for another walk and play in the backyard with the dogs until James is home. When he is home I try and workout if I hadn't already that morning and he gets his one on one time with her. If I am not shooting with Emily, I use her nap time to work on that weeks blog posts. 

I know every mom out there feels like they do not stop moving the entire day. When my feet hit the ground in the morning, I swear they do not stop until I get back in bed that night. I truly would not change my life for anything though. My life before I had Stella seems like a total fog. My heart and life is so full and it is so clear to me what I was put on this earth for. Her and James are my entire heart. My days may seem like Groundhog Day more often than not, but whats so amazing about each day that passes is its one more day that is shaping who this little person will be. I think about that so much and it weighs heavy on mine and James' shoulders. It's the most amazing task, but I always think twice about my actions. I think constantly about what she is seeing through her eyes and the impact it all has on her. This has to be something that is just engrained in us after giving birth, because all moms I have talked to about this feel the same way. It's truly amazing. 

Thanks so much for stopping by and have an awesome weekend!

Photography By Emily Segrest


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