Velvet crop top

Velvet has been one of the biggest fabrics to hit the fashion world in quite some time. Last year you saw it everywhere, on everyone and in every line. I immediately was love struck. There is something so romantic and sexy about velvet. It has the power to soften any outfit while edging it up at the same time. It just depends how you decide to wear it. For example, a velvet midi dress is oozing with romantic vibes, and yet, it's still very intriguing. With this look, I chose to embrace the edge that velvet has to offer.

This bomber jacket is by Alexander Wang. It is from his less expensive (yet still pretty pricey) line, T by Alexander Wang. I love this line because it's a little more functional for day-to-day life. I own tons of t-shirts and basics and they are fantastic. A favorite of mine is his slub classic long sleevetee.

When I bought this bomber, I knew I wanted to try to wear it with a matching crop top under. That is how they were displaying it in the store, and on every model wearing it online. I am far from a model and had just had a baby a few months after buying this. I decided to take the plunge and still purchase it, with the hopes of one day wearing it the way I envisioned. Until I shot this, I paired it with jeans, and a tucked in white t-shirt. I also wore it over a gown while we were in New York. Since I wasn't exactly crop top ready when I brought it home, buying the jacket because I loved it, encouraged me to wear it in different ways than how I had originally pictured it. I am so happy it happened that way, because it makes the splurge make so much more sense.

I would have loved to have worn this with jeans when we shot this. I think it would have dressed down all the velvet, but, like I just mentioned in the previous paragraph, I had given birth a few months before and high-waisted tuxedo pants was the wisest decision. At the end of the day, my only goal with my outfits is to have fun with them. Fashion gives me, and so many other people other there, the confidence to try something new. Had I not run into this jacket, I wouldn't have willed myself into a crop top. Having just had a baby or not, it's so important to set goals for yourself and your body. My goal was to try to feel as comfortable as possible in this crop top, so I could wear this outfit. I don't care if that's a silly reason to anyone else, it's a legitimate reason in my book.

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend. I am not a big football girl, but I love me some Lady Gaga, and I can't wait to watch her perform.

Photography By Emily Segrest


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