Seeing Red

Not only is red my favorite color, but I think it is the color of power and strength. Anytime I am wearing it, I always feel a little more bold. I really like pairing a strong blouse like this with casual boyfriend jeans, because I feel like it's an unexpected, but working pair. I have been playing around with the idea of selling this Valentino bag, but had to carry it with this outfit because I loved that it matched the shirt perfectly. It's like they were made for each other. Also, these Louboutin's are the most comfortable ones I own. If you are wanting to invest, but not sure which it go with, my advice is to do the Pigalle's in a 100mm. I never have any issues wearing them and they go with everything in my closet.

Stella and I are leaving for the ranch tomorrow morning to meet James and his dad. We are going to stay until Monday and my goal is to ride horses on Sunday. I am really trying to follow through with spending more time there. We truly are just our happiest at the ranch and thats all I could ever ask for. 

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Photography by Emily Segrest


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