Oversized Blouse

There is nothing I love more than an oversized blouse. I own so many and am constantly circling them through my closet. It's a great piece to own because you can wear them dressed up or down, skirts, jeans, shorts, pants, the options are endless. I also am a huge fan because I can throw them on after an indulgent weekend (which I did in this post) and it hides it all. Is it even worth mentioning that this is pretty much what I lived in when I was pregnant? I feel like it is because it makes them that much more flexible. I am still wearing the same blouses I bought pregnant, just styling them differently. But, thats just the basics of this must-have. My absolute favorite way to wear an oversized blouse is tucked halfway in with a black leather mini skirt and booties. It's effortless but so, so chic.

I decided to style it with jeans for this post because I felt like it was the most relatable. A lot of people shy away from leather mini skirts, which I get. But skinny jeans everyone owns. I do feel like it's important to point out though, that due to the fact that the blouse is so overwhelming, I try and always wear a heel with it. If I had super long legs, I'd totally wear it with sneakers, which I love, but since I am 5'6, heels always evens out this look and prevents it from making you look boxyy or swallowed up. One of my best friends, (hi Kels) was worried about this, so I know we can't be the only ones. 

This particular top is from Storets, but I am not able to link from ShopStyle. If anyone wants the exact link to this blouse just DM on Insta and I'll send it to ya! Have an awesome week and thanks so much for stopping by! 

Photography by Emily Segrest


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