Olive for Fall

Olive is one of my top colors for fall. This lace up Honey Punch skirt from Scarlet is one of my favorite pieces I own in this color. I am not sure how olive wouldn't be in trend during fall, it seems to make its way back year after year. The same is to be said about maroon. I guess it is just the warmness in each color and how good cool, neutrals look up against them; creating the perfect balance.

This week has flown by since we were traveling Monday. I can't believe we are already to Wednesday. James, Stella and I are leaving for the ranch tomorrow mid-morning for a long weekend. Stella and I haven't been down there in a really long time so I am so looking forward to unwinding and soaking up all the beauty. Keeping our fingers crossed for another wave of cool weather, because that would truly be the cherry on top of a perfect weekend!

Photography by Emily Segrest


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