Healthy Body Healthy Mind

Body image is something I think we all struggle with from time to time. I have been curvy for as long as I can remember and I have never really decided how I felt about it. I think it's safe to say that it changes day-to-day and you know what I have learned to accept? That it is OKAY! I will tell you though, the older I get, the more I appreciate my curves and am slowly understanding how to dress them. My body is unique, my own and brought the most beautiful person in my life into this world. I want to do my very best to be thankful and grateful and to take the absolute best care of myself that I can. My goal is not to be skinny, but to be strong, and I'll admit, it's taken a really long time to want that, but I think that is one of the biggest key's to embracing a healthy body image. If you're strong AND skinny, more power to you! My point is, we are all not built the same and its important to understand what your best body looks like. It may not look the same as a Victoria Secret model, your favorite blogger, or your best friend. All of our bodies are built differently, and some won't be "skinny" no matter how hard you work, but I promise you, you'll be strong. I am in the process of realizing that being in shape is my body's version of skinny. My booty will always be there, and I can either work my ass off and help it to look good, or I can try and be skinny, and have a saggy booty. Regardless, the booty will be there, so I will embrace it, and work with what I've got! Ultimately, my biggest goal is to love myself the way I want Stella Grace to love herself. So, I've got some work to do. 

For my body, on a good day, I really like high waisted pants and crop tops. I think its a good balance and is flattering. These pants are so comfortable and I love how sleek and chic the black is. I felt like it was the perfect match to this really revealing top, which I love, but let's be honest, it had to be toned down a bit. For me, your clothes are just a reflection of how you're feeling on the inside. Some days, boyfriend jeans are my best friend, other days after I've worked out a few days in a row, I am feeling more confident. Thats the absolute best thing about fashion, you can be whoever you want, and it doesn't have to be the same person two days in a row.

I hope I didn't get too deep with you guys talking about body image. I just genuinely feel like it's a topic that isn't openly discussed enough, and it should be! Struggling with your body image from time to time, doesn't mean you have a problem or need help, it means you're human. And we should all try and be a reminder of that for one another.

Photography by Emily Segrest


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