Flounced Blouse

With Valentines day a week away, I've really been getting in the mood. I don't know why I love this day so much. It's not that I particularly feel that we should just celebrate the ones we love one day out of the year. I think it's important to remind those close to us daily how much they mean to us. But, there is just something so fun about setting a day aside to do things like buy flowers, gift chocolates, have a date night, get balloons, make cookies, things that you don't usually do. I also love giving gifts, so it's just another excuse to surprise Stella & James with little treats.

This top defines Valentines day for me. It's flirty, fun, and surprising. Self Portrait has quickly become one of my favorite designers. All of the work he does is so delicate, yet bold. I also loved that it matched my new shoes perfectly. Not going to lie, it may or may not have been the final decision maker in buying the top. I've mentioned that I do this a lot, right? There are so many ways to wear this piece and I can't wait to experiment with it throughout summer. I'm thinking white jeans will be my next approach.

I'm going to take this week to show different outfits to wear for this special day. I think this look is pretty sweet, so my next outfit will be a little more red hot. Hint, hint.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

Photography By Emily Segrest


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