Denim Days

I have always looked at denim shorts as just another summer staple that I pray I can fit into. Just recently, though, I have started to look at them in a new light. Since distressed denim is so huge right now, it only makes sense in the upcoming summer months that shorts would be the next move in this continuing trend. I am loving that this is happening now because just like a great pair of black shorts, the options are endless with denim. The hardest part is finding that happy balance between embracing the distressed look, and keeping your look polished.

When I am looking for a more put together vibe, I always pull out one of my black blazers. It's the perfect finishing piece that really pulls together your whole look. It's amazing the different power this jacket has, as opposed to a leather jacket. The look would have been totally different if I had thrown leather on with this. Both jackets are black, but the tailoring and fabric makes all the difference. I have already confessed to not being able to take off this T-shirt. Unfortunate Portrait has quickly become one of my favorite designers. I ran into Forty Five Ten on Thursday and bought a few more. I just can't get enough. His shirts are hilarious, comfortable and chic all at the same time and sadly for me, they are so memorable you really can't get away with wearing them multiple times a week. I am having a blast dressing them up or down and am so into the balance of the t-shirt and the blazer. 

Hope you all have a fantastic rest of your weekend and thanks for stopping by!

Photography By Emily Segrest


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