Chain Detailed Sweatshirt

I love an all black look so much. It's easy and usually without fail. Something I always look for when doing a look like this is adding a little bit of detailing so its not so blasé. The chain detailing on this sweater is so cool and almost gives off a little bit of an urban cowgirl feel. I wanted to carry that through into the belt to keep the look flowing, but loved the idea of these simple, but sleek pumps to finish of the look. Which, are my first designer shoes I have bought. James and I split them for my 23rd birthday. 

We are headed back home today after a very long Saturday. Stella has her first stomach bug and it was absolutely awful. She woke up throwing up in the middle of the night and James and I felt so helpless. It scared her and just broke our hearts. She wasn't running a temp, so hopefully it was a quick bug that ran its course. We are thankful she is feeling better and luckily our Sunday went much more smoothly. 

Thank you all for stopping by! 

Photography by Emily Segrest


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